Dr Norman Wilson has created an allegory that reflects a modern need to find coherence between ancient wisdom and modern science. I think Joseph Campbell is smiling.   Strato E Telvely


The Shaman's Quest is now available  at

Adam's search for a mysterious shaman takes him on a journey to the realm of other worlds; one in which few survive.

Tony Wells has problems. His parents don't want him. The man he thought was his father, isn't and the man he thought was his friend, is. At age thirteen he lost his virginity. The whole shaman thing began to get to him. What was he, some kind of freak. And then there was Julie. Lovers and then he got the shock of his young life. The Making of a Shaman is now available on

About Me

Have you ever met a shaman? I have. I was seven years old, and it was at that time I was "chosen" to be a shaman. After my vision quest, I was taken into the deep woods of the Baskatong Reserve (Quebec Province, Canada) to learn about plants and animals. Eventually, I wrote a series of essays on shamanism, which are now available as Shamanism: What It's All About. My doctorate in the humanities allowed me to study other systems, particularly the myths of the Ancient Greeks, and to examine in depth the Romantic poets, novelists, painters, and musicians. Like those Romanticists, I too, have a deep abiding fascination with the world of mythology. That interest has wound its way into my novel The Shaman's Quest and the remaining five in my series, Shamanic Mysteries. In addition to Shamanism What It's All About there are Activating Your Archetypes, Manifesting, the Shaman's Way, and Healing-the Shaman's Way. I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State with my talented wife, photographer Suzanne V. Wilson, and we are ruled by a cat, who graciously allow us to reside in her abode. I have over450 articles published on the internet, and several college textbooks co-authored by two colleagues. I have completed a second doctorate in metaphysical humanism, certified as a Reiki Master, minister, and spiritual counselor.

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